REMBE® Rupture Discs and LESER Safety Valves


Rupture Discs and Safety Valves can be combined in different configurations: A Rupture Disc can be installed below the Safety Valve in a “series” installation, or the two pressure relief systems can be installed in “parallel”.

Mascot Systems offers the premier, German technology in both Rupture Discs and Safety Valves, with REMBE® Rupture Discs and LESER Safety Valves. In liquids, gases, and two-phase media, a REMBE® Rupture Disc upstream from your LESER Safety Valve will go a long way in saving money!

REMBE® Rupture Discs and LESER Safety Valves

If the Rupture Disc is installed below the Safety Valve, it can perform several roles:

  • Improved leak-tightness – Safety valves tend to leak more after being triggered for the first time. However, a REMBE® Rupture Disc positioned upstream of the Safety Valve ensures a perfect, leak-tight seal and saves you money.
  • Protection against “challenging media” – You can use Safety Valves made from lower-cost materials even with corrosive, adhesive, or polymerizing media by having a smaller Rupture Disc made with exotic materials and installed before the Safety Valve.
  • Additional savings through in-situ tests – In combination with REMBE® Rupture Discs, you can test your Safety Valves without moving or having to remove them. To do this, the space between the Rupture Disc and the valve stroke is pressurized. As the REMBE® Rupture Disc has a back pressure resistance of 135 %, the Rupture Disc remains undamaged while the Safety Valve is being inspected.

If the systems are installed next to each other in parallel, the response pressure of the Rupture Disc is higher than that of the Safety Valve. If the rise in pressure is so large and rapid that the Safety Valve cannot respond quickly enough or if it fails to open, the Rupture Disc serves as a reliable backup system to relieve the pressure.

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