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ESCO Couplings N.V is a Belgium-based manufacturer of a wide range of Couplings including Flexible Disc Couplings and Gear Couplings. By developing, designing, and manufacturing Gear and Disc type couplings in India for the entire industrial segment, ESCO has become a market leader and is recognized by its peers as a specialist in top-quality couplings. ESCO’s proposition is built on three main pillars: custom-designed quality solutions, outstanding service, and short lead times.

ESCODISC: Flexible Disc Couplings 

ESCO Developed to ensure infinite lifetime while transmitting the highest torques at high misalignment, temperatures, and speed, even in aggressive and dusty atmospheres, Escodisc Couplings are reliable and require no lubrication. Their disc assemblies are fretting corrosion-free, maintenance-free, and meet the most varied application requirements in diverse industries such as petrochemicals, Cement, Test Benches, Power Generation, Rubber, Textiles, and many more. Applications include Agitators, Compressors, Generators, Centrifugal Pumps, Gear Pumps, and Conveyors.


Escodisc ModelMaximum TorqueMaximum BoreApplication
DLC Series1600 NM105 MMlow to medium torque Application
DMU Series260000 NM370 MMGeneral purpose / High Torque / High Misalignment
DPU Series23100 NM105 MMAPI Compliant / Medium to High Torque
DMUCC Series19800NM170 MMClose coupled – Short DBSE Applications
DMUFR Series19800 NM185 MMSingle Disc – Short DBSE Applications

Advantages of Escodisc Couplings:

  • High torque and high continuous misalignment capacity
  • No disc buckling, no fretting corrosion between the discs
  • Adjustable spacer design for easy accommodation of DBSE changes
  • Temperature range -40°C to 270°C
  • Factory-assembled disc packs secured by shipping screws and thus protected against overstress/damage
  • Positive centering and factory-assembled transmission unit minimizing assembly errors and simplifying coupling mounting
  • Refurbishment of the coupling by fitting two new disc pack sub-assemblies to the existing Spacer
  • Easy and less expensive mounting
  • Excellent inherent balancing characteristic
  • Optimized shaped stainless-steel discs for equal load distribution
  • SS 301 Full hard stainless-steel discs
  • Special plated hardware
  • Precisely drilled and reamed flange holes
  • Black oxyded overall steel parts, oiled for protection
  • No problems in dirty and corrosive environments due to the use of stainless-Steel Discs and protected
Escodisc DPU Series
Escodisc DPU Series
Escodisc DMU Series
Escodisc DMU Series

ESCOGEAR: Gear Couplings

Designed and optimized with the highest quality Multicrown gearing, Escogear Couplings allow the transmission of the highest torque under the highest misalignment conditions using their large bore capacity. Robust, efficient, and built for long service life, they are the ideal solution for heavy-duty machines as well as for specific industries such as steel, power generation, pulp & paper, marine, turbine, dredging, and more. Applications include Industrial Cranes, Blowers, Reciprocating Pumps, Vertical Mixture drives, and many more applications.


ESCO Gear ModelMax. Torque CapacityMax Bore CapacityApplications
FSTSeries5040000Nm1130Horizontal couplings for cranes, EOTs, GOTs, Gear Boxes
FFS Series174000Nm275Half Gear couplings for Cranes, Conveyors
FSE Series290000Nm320Spacer gear coupling for High Torque
FMM Series290000Nm320One side extended hub for Mill Motors
FDMM Series290000Nm320Double sided extended hub for Mill Motors
FSV Series174000Nm275Vertical Couplings for Agitators, Gearboxes, Oil Extraction
FRR Series174000Nm275Rigid coupling for Conveyors

Advantages of Escogear Couplings:

  • High torque capacity for required angular misalignment, allowing the coupling to operate under combined load, speed and misalignment conditions
  • Surface hardened teeth (Nitriding)
  • High bore capacity
  • Light weight due to high grade alloy steel components
  • A Multicrown gear shape allowing optimized gearing surface contact
  • Perfect homokinetic torque transmission
  • Reduced backlash
  • Perfect gear top centering
Escogear FST Series
Escogear FST Series


ESCO EPB Series Coupling’s assembly is made of two flanges interlocked with number of Pin & Bush flexible elements based on Coupling size. Conical rubber Bush mounted on steel Pins are unique flexible elements and take high shaft misalignments. Hubs are made of cast iron. Pin Bush Couplings are suitable for general industrial application.

esco Pin & Bush

The Mascot Advantage:

Mascot Systems Private Limited. is the authorized channel partner for ESCO’s range of Disc, Gear, Pin & Bush and Carbon Composite Coupings and has the technical expertise to help you with your coupling selection. Along with the ESCO product guarantee, we provide after sales support and service to ensure that your downtime is minimal.

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