Rembe® – Safety is for life
Rembe® – Rupture discs & flameless vents

Rembe®- Safety is for life

REMBE® is a safety specialist in explosion safety and pressure relief. It provides customers in all industries with safety systems for their plants and equipment. All products are made in Germany and meet the requirements of national and international regulations. Market leaders in a variety of industries, such as the oil and gas, food, wood, chemical, pharmaceutical sectors, are among the clients of REMBE®. 

RUPTURE DISCS: Forward Acting Rupture Discs

Rembe®-  Safety is for life forward acting discs are manufactured using state of the art laser production technology. With a wide choice of materials and designs, we can supply the perfect rupture disc for every application – customized for your process and All REMBE® explosion vents are made in Rembe’s most modern facility in Germany and certified in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU and EN 14797

  • ODV– For low to medium pressures
  • STAR– For low to high pressures
  • Single Layer Rupture Discs– The Grandfather of all rupture discs
  • BI-Directional Rupture Discs– The 2-in-l rupture disc
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Reverse Acting Rupture Discs:

Maximum reliability at high standard operating pressure ratios. Reverse acting rupture discs are installed with the domed side of the rupture disc facing the process. Rembe’s patented KUB model Disc is not only extremely easy to install, it is also simple to remove and reinstall. In addition, it is suitable for standard operating pressure ratio of up to 98%*

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ELEVENT® -The Breather Valve from Rembe®

The ELEVENT® pressure and vacuum relief  valve provides optimum protection against over pressure and vacuum for vessels and tanks with low design pressures. It assures a constant and controlled level of pressure in the tank. ELEVENT® not only prevents fugitive emissions of gas, or other pollutants, but also prevents the development of explosive mixtures of substances and eliminates the potential danger of air entering the system. The standard operating ratio is up to 95 % of the minimum response pressure. 

Elevent® – The Breather Valve from Rembe

Explosion Safety Products: Explosion Venting Using Conventional Explosion Vents.

Rembe’s vide range of conventional Explosion Vents meets every need of the dust related conventional explosion Safety requirements of the industry. All REMBE® explosion vents are made in Rembe’s most modern facility in Germany and certified in accordance with ATEX 2014/34/EU and EN 14797

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Flameless Venting:

Rembe’s Flameless venting devices absorbs the heat and dust after the explosion and relieve only the pressure thus ensuring safe not only to the equipment being protected but also the personnel working in the closed vicinity. While they are ideally suited for indoor equipment protection, they are equally eff in outdoor application as well. Typical application includes Spray driers, Dust collectors, Cyclones, hoppers, Mills, Bucket elevators, Silos etc.

Q-Rohr® flameless venting device
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Your Advantages

  • Perfect protection of the plant & personnel
  • No running costs
  • Integrated signaling unit
  • Immediately reusable

The Mascot Advantage:

Mascot Systems Private Limited., is the sole authorized Indian Partner for Rembe GmbH. Mascot Systems has a rich experience that can help you find customized solutions for all applications, ranging from standard Rupture Discs to special high-tech Flameless Venting designs. We can help you with a safety system that is perfectly tailored to suit your processes and operational requirements. We provide safety assessment of your existing plant, pertaining to threats arising from explosive dust. Whether it is explosion safety or process safety, our engineering ensures that you get the best solution at all times.

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