PROTEGO® Manufactures Flame Arresters , Valves and Tank Equipment

Since 1954, PROTEGO® has built and provided Flame Arrester, Valves and Tank Equipment, and is the technology leader in this field. They provide global services including research and development, application-specific engineering, overall protection system design and safety awareness training. Protego® industry expertise includes upstream and downstream oil and gas, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical and bio-energy industries. Protego’s range of products include:

  • Flame Arrester
  • Breather Valves
  • Tank Equipment
  • Lightning Bypass Conductors
  • Equipment for Cryogenic Storage Tanks and
  • Specialty Equipment for Hydrogen Applications.

Flame Arresters

Flame Arresters are designed to allow the flow of gases, liquids, etc. and to prevent flame transmission. PROTEGO® Flame Arresters are composed of individual FLAMEFILTER® (flame arrester discs), spacers, and a casing. The FLAMEFILTER® is made of wound, corrugated metal strips. The principle of flame quenching in small gaps is applied in PROTEGO® end-of-line flame arresters and PROTEGO® in-line flame arresters.

Special features and advantages of PROTEGO® Flame Arresters:

  • Modular Flame Arrester unit enables each individual FLAMEFILTER® Dics to be replaced and cleaned
  • Service-friendly design
  • Minimal Pressure loss and associated low operating and life-cycle cost
arrester 1
Deflagration Flame Arrester, end-of-line and Vent Caps
flame arresters 4
Deflagration Flame Arrester
Protego® Detonation Arresters
Detonation Flame Arrester


Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves, end-of-line
flame 2
Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves, in-line

PROTEGO® Valves help to reach Net Zero for a Sustainable Future Due to the highly developed manufacturing technology of PROTEGO® Valves, the tank pressure is maintained up to set pressure with a tightness that is far superior to the conventional standard. According to the PROTEGO® Standard PS-001, leak rates are measured at 90% of the set pressure. This testing ensures PROTEGO® Valves exceed the most stringent leakage rate requirements of EPA, API2000 and EN ISO 28300.

Tank Accessories and Special Equipment

Protego im
  • Safety bottom outlet valve, bottom drain valve
  • Level-gauging and sampling equipment
  • Swing-arm system, floating-roof drainage system
  • Floating-roof vacuum relief valves, skimming system, Hydraulic flame arrester
  • Air-drying aggregate, sampling and draining valve

PROTEGO® Applications

Protego® Safety devices are used in a wide range of industrial applications:

  • Storage Tanks in Tank Farms
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processing Facilities
  • Vapour Combustion Systems and Flares
  • Ship Building, Offshore Platforms and Loading Systems
  • Cryogenic Tanks
  • Biogas Systems, Wastewater Treatment and Landfill Gas Systems
  • Flame Arrester as integrated Equipment Components
  • Protection of cryogenic storage tanks with Flame Arresters, Pilot-operated Valves and In-Tank Valves

The Mascot Advantage:

Mascot Systems Private Limited is associated with Protego® for their range of Flame Arresters, Valves, and Tank Accessories that are tailored to meet the growing demands of the market. Our patnership with Protego® ensures that our customers get world class Products along with a perfect balance of operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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Flame Arresters

Flame Arrester