A Bearing Seals is a non-contact, non-wearing, permanent bearing protection device. It has a rotor and a stator, and the two are unitized or alternatively in 2 pieces, so that they work together, while in use.

Typically, the rotor turns with the shaft, while the stator is pressed into a bearing housing. The two components interact to keep contamination out of the bearing enclosure and the lubricant inside.

Function Of the Internal “Static and Dynamic” O-ring

When rotating equipment is cycled on and off, the heating and cooling of the bearing enclosure draws contaminants from the outside environment into contact with the bearings. In a static condition, the internal vapor stop ring sets up a positive blockage of the open path to the atmosphere. Dynamically, the passage to the external environment is impeded enough to withstand a differential pressure of 250mm on a water column. It may also be used to prevent oil mist from venting into the atmosphere.

Advantage Of MARQUE Bearing Seals

By maintaining bearings under ideal operating conditions, rotating equipment will last 5 to 10 times longer than without permanent bearing isolation. Pumps, Motors, Pillow Blocks, Fans, Gears and Turbines are dramatically more reliable and productive. Cost of maintenance and operations goes down and productivity goes up.

Face seals, whether spring loaded or magnetically loaded, were found to have a finite life and unpredictable as to the timing of their abrupt and certain failure. Due to the nature of their design, they were nearly always taken out of service after failure and replaced, but not necessarily in kind.

All types of contact seals, because of their nature, consume power and cause heating of the lubricant and even the bearings themselves. According to the manufacturers, the typical power consumption is approximately 150 watts per seal. The Bearing Seal is compact in design and installs without special tools in one simple step. It has no wearing parts and does not require ongoing maintenance.

We have now introduced Marque Magnetic Bearing Seals to improve sealing performance, It has a two-step sealing system, where in an O-ring is the first sealing element, and secondly, we have a magnetically driven rotor that further enhances its sealing property. The rotor and stator act like a mechanical seal that are held together with the help of magnets. Both faces of the seal are lapped, thus providing us with a secured seal ensuring zero contamination and zero leakage.

Long Lasting Feature

Since there is zero mechanical contact and zero friction, heat or wear, Marque Bearing Seals will outperform the bearings and other mechanical components of the rotating equipment it is typically designed to protect. 7 to 15 years of constant service is common in the life of the MARQUE Bearing Seals.

Standard & Magnetic options available!

MARQUE Bearing Seals

Product Applications:

Process Pumps

The non-contact Bearing Seal is the only labyrinth seal to afford positive protection against vapor transfer into the lube system–both at rest or under load. Our Bearing Seals are made of high-quality bronze and are designed to last much more than rubber lips seals. Alternative materials are available, to suit your requirements.

Electric Motors

 Moisture, dust and abrasives in the rolling-element raceways are the root cause of at least 80% motor bearing failures. Our Bearing Seals are completely effective in keeping contamination away from the motor bearings and they don’t wear out.

Gear Box

 Oil wells up between the roller bearings and the seals. The way for the oil to return to the sump is back through the bearing from where it came. The ultimate result is leakage through and past the lip seals and then down the outside of the gearbox. Our Bearing Seals hold back that flood of oil and prevents leakage in or out of the box and enhances the life of the bearing it protects by many folds.

Split Pillow Blocks

Our Bearing Seals align precisely to the shaft and bearing bore rather than the Pillow Block Housing. Other attempts at Pillow Block bearing sealing are aligned to the housing, rather than to the shaft. Angular misalignment between the shaft and housing, very common in pillow blocks, makes bearing sealing ineffective and labor intensive.

Paper Machine Rolls

Water and pulp contamination in the roll bearing housings located in the wet end of the paper machine is a leading cause of unscheduled machine downtime. Eliminating this unnecessary problem can be achieved by retrofitting with Marque Bearing seals. Our Bearing seals are specifically designed for the size, speed, and alignment conditions of wet rolls. From the breast roll, to the press roll, and on to the coating rolls, keeping contamination out of the bearings, and even keeping oil in the dry rolls will assure maximum reliability and production.

Tool Spindle

Our Bearing seal is made specifically for the rigorous duty of protecting machine tool spindle bearings. No contact while running means no heat build-up and no wear. Now there is no need for “air purge”. Elimination of this costly requirement saves money, short and long term.

The Mascot Advantage:

Mascot Systems Private Limitedwith a combined experience of more than a century in rotating and allied equipment has been assisting customers save costs and reducing downtime with various niche products. MARQUE Bearing Seals, a product of Mascot Systems is customized to your requirements, thereby helping you cut costs drastically. Our specialist engineers will help you identify the reasons for bearing failure and design a Bearing Seal to ensure maximum lubrication and zero contamination.

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