REMBE® High Pressure Rupture Disc

Rembe HPRD

Need a rupture disc solution for high pressure applications such as in an LDPE plant? Look no further than REMBE®! Unlike other high-pressure rupture discs, REMBE®’s unique high pressure rupture discs (“HPRD”) have a weld seam that is not subjected to shear and bending forces, only to pressure. Geometrically separating the area under peak stress and the weld seam makes the HPRD more durable and able to comply with the tightest burst tolerances – tolerances of +/- 3 % and better, depending on the specified burst pressure.

Made of Inconel, the REMBE® HPRD provides long-term protection for processes with temperatures up to 400 °C and pressures up to 5000 barg and beyond. The REMBE® HPRD has already proven itself under real process conditions and in a wide range of customer applications. This includes reactors, autoclaves, and compressors in a variety of high pressure processes, such as LDPE production.

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