Introducing the REMBE® Q-Box® R3leaf™

Q-Box® R3leaf™

Introducing the latest in flameless explosion venting technology

The REMBE Q-Box® R3leaf™

The Q-Box® R3leaf™ is an innovative flameless venting device that not only comes with a greatly increased venting efficiency, but is also made keeping in mind a green and sustainable objective. The Q-Box® R3leaf™ sets itself apart by dispensing with stains, paints, coatings and weld seams, and supplying the REMBE® satellites in compact, space-saving individual parts, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.

In addition to the sustainability objective being met, the Q-Box® R3leaf™ has a larger venting area. It uses the principle of contour-parallel relief developed by REMBE® to allow for maximum efficiency in venting as there is hardly any flow resistance to the explosion. This increased venting efficiency can also allow reduction of the required flameless vents for a protected vessel!

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