REMBE® Q-Rohr®

At the forefront of Flameless Explosion Venting Technology

Dust explosions are a common and expensive problem faced by several industries such as food, wood processing, pharmaceutical, paper, metal, and petrochemical. Any plant where the process involves dust requires a trustworthy explosion protection system in order to protect life and equipment from the consequences of an explosion. In such cases, the technology of explosion venting is used to direct the explosion pressure and flame away from the plant premises and into a designated “safe area” away from people and machinery.

However, sometimes due to space or design constraints, it may not be possible to have a designated safe area for your explosion vents. In such cases, the technology of flameless venting is used. The REMBE® Q-Rohr® flameless venting device enables you to implement flame arresting and particulate retention explosion venting in indoor and outdoor areas. The Q-Rohr® ensures that the impact of any dust explosion is arrested within the device, and not felt by people and plant machinery near the device. It can be used to protect filters, dryers, and cyclones, and it can be used with gases, hybrid mixtures, metal dusts, melting dusts or fibers.

Q-Rohr® flameless venting device

The Q-Rohr® uses a specially designed stainless-steel mesh filter inlet to cool the hot flame gases up to temperatures of 1500°C. Overall, the Q-Rohr® prevents the release of flame and high pressures caused by the explosion, hence allowing for the utmost safety in your plant environment. The Q-Rohr® is also a reusable device that can be operational after the cleaning of the flame filter and replacement of the explosion vent, hence leading to massive cost savings.

Successfully installed and operational in world renowned organizations in food and wood processing industries, REMBE® is the solution to your explosion safety needs! To find out more about the REMBE® Q-Rohr® and other REMBE® explosion protection devices, contact our engineers today!

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