Increase the Longevity of your Rotating Equipment

Proven & Reliable, MARQUE BEARING SEALS with an IP Rating of 66!

Bearing Seals, or Bearing Isolators are non-contact, non-wearing, permanent bearing protection devices that isolate your bearing environment. A MARQUE Bearing Seal consists of a Rotor and a Stator that act in tandem in both static and dynamic environments to prevent outside contamination into and loss of lubrication out of the bearing enclosure.

Use of MARQUE Bearing Seals can increase the service life of your bearings and other mechanical components of the rotating equipment by 7 years or more. Tested to withstand a differential pressure of 250mm on a water column, MARQUE Bearing Seals can be used in several rotating equipment such as process pumps, electric motors, gearboxes, split pillow blocks, fans, and turbines.

MARQUE Bearing Seals

With easy installation and no maintenance requirement, MARQUE Bearing Seal is The Ideal solution to your bearing problems! Don’t miss out on this state of the art technology from MARQUE, Contact us today!

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