PROTEGO® Flame Arresters for Prevention of Flame Propagation

Flame Arresters

Flame Arresters are designed to allow the flow of gases, liquids, etc., but to prevent flame transmission, either in-line or at the end-of-line. PROTEGO® Flame Arresters are composed of individual FLAMEFILTER® (flame arrester discs), spacers, and a casing. The FLAMEFILTER® is made of wound, corrugated metal strips in the form of a wire mesh. The principle of flame quenching in small gaps is applied in PROTEGO® end-of-line flame arrester and PROTEGO® in-line flame arresters.

When a mixture ignites in a gap between two walls, the flame spreads towards the non-combusted mixture. The expansion in volume of the combusted mixture pre-compresses the non-combusted mixture and accelerates the flame. By heat dissipation in the wire mesh of the flame arrestor due to larger surface area, and by cooling down the product below its ignition temperature, the flame is extinguished. The gap width and the gap length of the flame arrester disc determine its extinguishing ability. The narrower and longer the gap, the greater the extinguishing effectiveness. The wider and shorter the gap, the lower the pressure loss.

PROTEGO® Flame Arresters are designed be to highly maintenance-friendly. This design prevents the FLAMEFILTER® discs from being damaged or misaligned during assembly or maintenance. They are particularly suited to applications where more frequent maintenance of the FLAMEFILTER® is required (e.g., where polymerization or crystallization result in heavy contamination) or for IIC applications. After installation, the PROTEGO® units can be retrofitted at any time.

Mascot Systems Private Limited is associated with Protego® for their range of Flame Arresters, Valves, and Tank Accessories that are tailored to meet the growing demands of the market. Our patnership with Protego® ensures that our customers get world class Products along with a perfect balance of operational efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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