BHDT Valves for High-Pressure Applications

Valves for high pressure

Established in 1958, BHDT, an Austrian company, has established itself as a global market leader for high-pressure valve technology. BHDT offers a wide range of tailor-made valves such as manual valves, check and safety valves, control valves, and more, specifically for the high-pressure Urea/Ammonia/Melamine, Fertilizer, LDPE/EVA, and the Oil and Gas Industries.

BHDT offers valve customization solutions such as different face-face dimensions, connecting details, flow directions, internals, and heating and cooling jackets. The BHDT valves can also be equipped with various types of actuators from different manufacturers, as well as other accessories such as positioners, solenoid valves, positioner transducers, and limit switches.

All BHDT valves undergo a dedicated testing procedure, guaranteeing the highest level of quality of the finished product. Further, specifically for the Fertilizer industries, BHDT valves come Saipem-approved!

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