Non-Metallic Pumps in the Chemical Industry


When it comes to pumps, the most important factor to consider is the chemical compatibility of the MOC of the pump. In industries using specialty chemicals, non-metallic pumps are unmatched in their performance as compared to metallic pumps.

Metallic pumps are available in MOCs such as stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and alloy C. They are ideal for moving abrasive material due to their wear-resistant metal castings. However, most standard MOCs in metallic pumps do not have high corrosion resistance, making them unsuitable for use in the chemical industry. Further, non-standard metallic MOCs such as Monel, Inconel, and Hastelloy are very expensive and not economical to purchase.

On the other hand, non-metallic pumps, made of materials such as PP, PVDF, and PE-UHMW are a much more suitable option for the chemical industry. These pumps have a robust metal armor lined with thick molded plastic liner to give the highest reliability in the chemical process industry. The non metallic lining ensures that the pump can be made with standard metallic MOCs, hence making such pumps the most economical option.

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