Kalrez® 3065 - A Premium Offering as V-Rings

For Oil and Gas Downhole Completion Equipment

Kalrez® 3065 is a specialized, highly filled FFKM compound containing carbon black and fiber reinforcement. Kalrez® 3065 is designed for an upper service temperature of up to 288 ℃ and has excellent extrusion resistance at high pressures. Also, Kalrez® 3065 offers resistance to amines and sour gas, and can function in hot water/steam environments, hence being the ideal compound for use in packing elements for downhole equipment. Kalrez® 3065 is currently available only as V-rings. Avoid the cost of downhole seal failures and save on expensive replacements and more importantly, downtime. Find out more about kalrez® 3065 parts today!

Kalrez® 3065