ESCO Disc Coupling - DPU Series

Disc Couplings are made of 100% metal, have no lubrication, and are rigid in torsion. The drive and driven flanges of the disc pack assembly are alternately fitted with discs (on the same bolt circle) to transmit torque.

The misalignment capacity depends on the pack thickness, the disc material, the amount of drive bolts and the free span of the material between the drive bolts.

The total torque capacity depends on the disc pack thickness, total number of drive bolts and their bolt circle. Disc coupling will in most cases have two flexible elements and a spacer. As all parts are positively connected, the disc coupling ensures good inherent balancing properties and is hence often used at motor speeds without any additional balancing. Escodisc couplings meet the API 610 standards. 

The ESCODISC DPU series is built around ESCO Couplings genuine and original disc pack sub assembly design. This design with optimized disc shape and thickness, is factory assembled and secured by shipping screws against damages, minimizes assembly errors, simplifies coupling mounting and guarantees worry free performance, low operating costs as well as long life of the connected equipment. 


  • Factory-assembled disc packs that are secured by shipping screws to prevent overstressing or damage
  • Positive centering and a factory-built transmission unit reduce assembly errors and make connection mounting simpler
  • No fretting corrosion is caused by fillers that avoid contact with the discs
  • By attaching two new disc pack sub-assemblies to the current spacer piece, the coupling will be refurbished
  • Simpler and less expensive mounting
  • Prolonged life
  • Excellent inherent balancing characteristics
  • For nominal bores, use an S hub, and for larger bores, an L hub.

Like the other Escodisc couplings, the DPU series provides the following as well:

  • Stainless steel discs with optimized shapes for equal load distribution
  • Full-hard stainless steel discs per AISI 301
  • Hardware with a special plating
  • Flange holes that were precisely drilled and reamed
  • Black oxidized steel components with an oil finish
  • High torque and large capacity for continual misalignment
  • Maintenance free
  • Very low and predictable response pressures on related equipment
  • No disc buckling, no fretting corrosion between the discs
  • Adjustable spacer design for easy accommodating DBSE changes
  • Temperature range of -40°C to 270°
  • Use of stainless steel discs and shielded bolts prevents issues in corrosive and filthy situations

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