The ESCO Composite coupling is a cutting-edge disc-type flexible coupling with an infinite life that is constructed of cutting-edge composite materials that give the coupling unmatched lightweight, high strength, corrosion resistance, and ultraviolet resistance.

The customers best interests were considered throughout the design of the ESCO Composite coupling, which offers several advantages over other transmission options.


The disc-type flexible elements are made from a combination of stainless-steel bushings, advanced composite disc links, and a urethane encapsulation to provide a unitized assembly with a theoretical infinite fatigue life. The flexible elements are rated for 1-degree misalignment and carry a 4 times peak overload rating when applied at a 2.0 service factor.

In order to further protect against corrosion in harsh situations, the hubs and hardware are composed of stainless steel. The combination of high peak overload capacity and high strength composites makes this product a heavyweight title contender despite its lightweight. Graphite and/or E-glass fibers are encapsulated in an epoxy matrix to create floating spacer shafts. The epoxy resin is filled with a UV protective additive and cured at high temperatures. The majority of electric motor-driven applications are covered by five sizes of flexible elements, which range from 75K W to 675 KW. The best cost-effective option for each application is provided by combining these flexible components with matching hubs, hardware kits, and floating spacer shafts.

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