The Revolutionary REMBE® KUB® Reverse Acting Rupture Disc

REMBE® KUB® Reverse Acting Rupture Disc

The REMBE® KUB® Reverse Acting Rupture Disc (KUB®) is the only rupture disc to be manufactured using Euler’s critical load formula to determine the burst pressure. The formula has been used to devise an engineering solution wherein unlike other rupture discs, where a weak point is created in the metal, the KUB®  has a series of buckling pins which collapse at a precise pressure for reliable, full-bore opening. As there is no weak point in the REMBE® KUB®, it is an extremely robust solution that is immune to damage by incorrect handling, improper installation or even being dropped!

The KUB®  features a 2-layer design and is available in a variety of standard and exotic MOCs, such as Stainless Steel, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Nickel, Titanium, and Tantalum. It has an operating ratio of up to 98% and is optimal for liquid as well as gas services. 

The KUB®  comes with a totorque-independentolder, the IG-KUB®, that holds the rupture disc in place with a U-shaped clamp, ideal for easy installation. This avoids damage to the rupture disc by bite marks created by a torque dependent holder, and allows for the user to reuse the KUB®  post cleaning, instead of changing it out every time it is removed for cleaning. 

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