BHDT is well known across the world as a Manufacturer of high pressure Valves, particularly for Urea, Ammonia, Melamine, and LDPE/EVA plants. This is because of their decades of experience and the provision of the most dependable Valves.

About BHDT Ball Valves:

For specific applications such as offshore platforms, pipeline transportation, piggable pipeline (pig traps), blowdown and reinjection, and pumping, trunnion ball valves, both side entry and top entry, are designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6D/6DSS and up to class 2500 as well as API 6A/17D up to pressure class API 15000. They are made for both low and high operation temperature and are ideal for unique services like HIPPS, ESD, and SSIV.

Soft sealing (PTFE, PCTFE, PEEK, graphite) and full metal to metal sealing (including stem metal seals for pressure up to 1000 bar, class API 15000), both of which are in-house tested and qualified, are both included in the design of our sealing systems.

With the help of finite element simulations and test validation according to API 6A Appendix F PR2 qualification testing procedure, the geometry of all of the valve components is optimized in terms of functionality and weight , With the recent development of a hydraulic actuator, size and weight can be further reduced significantly. In addition to being compact, this actuator also has the benefit of directly transforming hydraulic oil pressure into the necessary rotational movement, which lowers the number of parts and lowers the possibility of failure.

Main Features

Oil & Gas/Power application
Nominal size: ½”-16”
Nominal Pressure range: Class 900# – 4500# / API2000 – 15000
Exclusively made from forged materials

  • Complete metal seal with a metal stem seal.
  • Single & Double Piston seat
  • Steam jackets
  • Locking mechanisms and other extra features are offered based on customer specifications
  • Every connection is made in accordance with international standards as well as ANSI B 16.5, 1500-2500, API 6A, DIN standard, and the customer’s standards.
    Actuators of various varieties, including pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric ones, are available from a variety of manufacturers.

About BHDT Control Valves:

Every valve is created to precisely fit the needs of the client. It is possible to realise various face-to-face dimensions, connection details, flow directions, internals (exchangeable vs. firm seat), and heating and cooling jackets.Pneumatic, hydraulic, electric, and other forms of actuators, as well as accessories like positioners, solenoid valves, position transducers, and limit switches, can all be added to BHDT Valves.
All BHDT Control Valve characteristics, including equal, true linear, and modified characteristics, are developed in accordance with the needs of our customers, the constraints of the process, and internal calculations. In order to satisfy the most exacting customer requirements, BHDT Control valves can optionally be provided with Multistage CV trim.

Main Features

LDPE/EVA application
Nominal size: DN3-DN89 or larger
Nominal Pressure range: PN325-PN4000

UREA/Ammonia/Melamine application
Nominal size: ½”-16’’
Nominal pressure range: PN325 / up to class 2500#

Oil & Gas application
Nominal size: ½”-16’’
Nominal pressure range: PN325 / up to class 2500#

  • Exclusively made from forged materials
  • No use of copper or copper alloys
  • Depending on the requirements of the user, extra features like switchable chairs, steam jackets, and locking mechanisms are also available
  • All connections are made in accordance with international standards, including ANSI B 16.5, 1500-2500, DIN standard, IG (BHDT standard), and customer standards, such as those set by Stamicarbon, Saipem, Urea Casale, Toyo, KBR, LYB, EXXON, and DOW, for example
  • There are numerous actuator kinds (hydraulic, electric, pneumatic, etc.) from various manufacturers
  • Controls: Pneumatic Positioner; Hydraulic Servo valve
  • Feedback: LVDT-hydraulic
  • Control signals: a range of possible signals

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