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Welcome To Mascot Systems

Driven by more than a decade of hands-on experience and in-depth technical knowhow, we are a one-stop source for products and services across industry sectors covering Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refinery, Pharmaceutical, Fertilizer, Chemical, Automotive, Power, Water and Food verticals. The broad range of engineered solutions includes Compression, Pumping, Sealing and Safety technologies.

We represent, distribute and manufacture key products relevant to engineering, technology and energy sectors, and more.

Our services division provides technical services and technology capability that helps manage the delivery of major projects and improves performance at each stage. From service and repairs, to enhancement of delivery efficiency, to sales solution consultancy – we cover it all.

At Mascot, it has always been our quest is to reengineer value to all our stakeholders, be they clients, internal customers or shareholders. And as a result, over the past decade, Mascot has evolved from being a fledgling company finding its wings to a soaring international business making its presence felt across Asia and the Middle East. In India, we are located at all the major metros and cities of engineering importance.

Our endeavour to offer world-class quality and reach different markets with a wider range of products and services, has led us to come together with different industry experts around the world.